Fuel Polishing

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Fuel Polishing

Due to lower sulphur levels and higher bio-diesel levels in modern diesel, fuel being stored on site for back-up power generators can start to deteriorate over time.

Water can build up in fuel tanks over time and the ‘Diesel Bug’ can begin to form within 6 months of the fuel tank being filled. This low quality fuel can cause problems with your diesel engine so action needs to be taken.

Rather than try to dispose of the fuel and replenish with new fuel, it is more cost effective and environmentally friendly to filter and polish the fuel in the tank. Fuel is pulled through our filtration system at a low level of the tank and the clean fuel is reintroduced at a high level creating a circulation of fuel throughout the tank.

Water and dirt is removed from the fuel and the tank itself is cleaned through this process.

To ensure the reliability of Standby Generators, sites will opt to get fuel polishing carried out to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Contact us today to organise a sample of fuel be taken from your tank and sent for analysis to check it’s current state and quality

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