60Amp Auto Transfer Switch

60Amp Auto Transfer Switch

Socomec ATys 4Pole, 3Phase, 60Amp, Automatic Transfer Switch

Mounted inside an IP55 Wall Mounted Enclosure

Once Mains Failure occurs, ATS sees a loss of supply to it’s primary source and will send a Remote Start signal to the Standby Generator. Generator will run up to speed and supply the secondary side of the ATS. Once the ATS sees a healthy secondary supply from the Standby Generator, it will automatically switch the building load onto Generator Power.

On restoration of the Mains Supply, the ATS sees a healthy primary source again and monitors it for a set period of time. Once this time has lapsed, the ATS will transfer the load back to the primary source of power (Mains/ESB).

The Generator will now continue to run on offload for a set period of time to cool the engine down. The Generator will then switch off and the system will return to Automatic mode again and remain on standby until the next mains interruption

Fully Automatic with Manual Over-ride Key should it be needed


Quick Spec

Additional information

Number of Poles



230 Phase to Neutral
400 Phase to Phase


3 Phase




IP55 Rated
400x200x400mm (WDH)

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